Camden Square Conservation Area

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The Camden Square Conservation Area is a conservation area set out by Camden Council in 2001. The area is bounded by Agar Grove, York Way, Camden Park Road, Camden Road, and St Pancras Way.

Camden Council describe the conservation area as follows;

The Conservation Area is a fairly compact and well preserved piece of mid 19th century residential towm planning, with the core providing a mostly homogeneous townscape.
The street pattern was laid out in majority as a piece of early 19th century town planning. It survives today as an interesting example of a mid-Victorian suburb, established by the 1860s since most of the built form came slightly later than the road layout.
It is a roughly a triangular shaped site with its borders along Camden Road to the north-west, Camden Park Road to the north-east, York Way to the east, Agar Grove to the south and Rochester Square to the south-west. The four main roads bounding the fringes define and help to differentiate the area from its surrounding urban context.
Topographically, the land gradually falls away to the south-west from its north-east apex at Camden Park Road. Many ofthe longer streets run in a parallel direction down this slope, contributing to the distinctive urban grain.