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Cantelowes Road near the junction of Agar Grove looking west

Cantelowes Road, named after the manor upon which it was constructed, is a long wide road running from Camden Road in the north-west to Agar Grove in the south east. It was intended to be an important axis in the local townscape, bisecting Camden Square and the original St Paul's Church with its landmark spire.

The road has been blocked and landscaped with grass and trees at its junctions with Camden Road and Agar Grove. The Camden Road end is marked by a curious tramped' road block planted with grass and trees, which visually screens the main road. Trees are interspersed along the street; and are most concentrated at the south east end, giving an avenue-like atmosphere.

There is no residential development beyond Camden Square. Between Camden Square and St Augustine's Road, there are only short terraces of houses (predating 1860) due to road junctions and long back gardens flanking the street. Development here includes a short three-storey terrace of three properties on the south-west side between St Augustine's Road and Murray Mews.

The original layout is more complete and unaltered at the south-east end. Although the architectural style is simpler and more modest than in Camden Square, the houses are imposing by way of their height and scale, which is markedly different from smaller properties to be found in neighbouring Marquis Road and St Paul's Crescent. They comprise 1850s and 1860s pairs of semi-detached villas of three storeys on basements, with stock brick walls, hipped slate roofs largely free of dormer window additions, and restrained stucco decoration including banded stucco basements. Some original cast-iron window cill screens survive at upper ground-floor level The houses have three storey bay windows at the rear(basement to first-floor height), which are a distinctive feature visible from side streets such as St Augustine's Road or St Paul's Crescent. There are significant gaps between the semi-detached pairs, revealing the greenery of back gardens beyond.


Notable Past Residents

  • Cecil Hepworth, (1874-1953), Pioneer of the British film industry, lived at no. 32 Cantelowes Road as a child.

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  • LB of Camden; Camden Square Conservation Area Statement, 2001