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1. This is a community project. Do not create or edit an article without being prepared for others to improve, change, or correct it. Please refrain from edit wars.

2. Articles should be relevant in some way to the local history of the area.

3. Articles should be factual in nature. If an opinion is expressed then it should be clearly indicated as such and should be relevant in helping the reader gain a broader understanding of the topic. (There is a template to highlight a topic as being a point of view - just put the text {{POV}} into the topic.). Unlike the Wikipedia we do allow original research on the wiki, however, editors will look for other sources that support the topic.

4. Articles/references about people currently living in the area are not allowed. This is potentially an intrusion of their privacy.

5. Information on business and shops is allowed but should be kept to the specific pages on Local businesses. Attempts to add links to businesses in other articles (advertising) should be considered for removal unless it is agreed that the inclusion is of benefit to the reader. External links created by people who are suspected of having links to the site concerned will be treated as advertising and will be deleted.

6. All articles should be linked to the relevant category to help people navigate the site and find out information on related topics.

7. Please do not add new categories. If you think a new category is needed or feel that the existing system could be improved, then voice your suggestions on Talk:Main Page or message one of the sysops.

8. Copyrighted material must not be submitted without the express permission of the owner.

9. If copyrighted material is supplied with the permission of the copyright holder then an acknowledgement should be given.

10. We are a UK site covered by UK law. Any text or images uploaded to the site must comply with current UK laws.