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Marquis Road runs roughly north-south, between St Augustine's Road and Agar Grove: it is a virtually complete and intact street of mid-Victorian houses, of the same type as found in St Paul's Crescent. It boasts wide pavements, planted with trees including silver birch.

The street is characterised by strong building lines. Both sides are flanked by two storey houses raised on basements, of a distinctly smaller scale than found in neighbouring Cantelowes Road and St Augustine's Road. Built of London stock brick, the houses have shallow-pitched slate roofs, the roofline of which remains unbroken bar the regular spacing of chimney stacks. The eaves level gradually steps up in line with the slope of the street, and each house is differentiated by stucco, brackets. Although the houses are more modest than much surrounding development, they benefit from moulded stucco decoration around the windows and entrance doors, which are approached up steps. It is unfortunate that the brickwork of a few front facades has been painted; this erodes the uniformity of the street.


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Camden Square Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy


  • LB of Camden; Camden Square Conservation Area Statement, 2001