North Villas and South Villas

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North Villas and South Villas run parallel to· each other and lead up hill to the north east from Camden Square to Camden Park Road.

North and South Villas form a homogeneous group with Camden Terrace. Together they are of group value and impact on long vistas in the Camden Square Conservation Area. In all cases, the houses are tall and dominant, containing extensive accommodation spanning three storeys upon basements, with many properties subdivided into flats. Development is set back from the road behind small front gardens, and projecting upper ground-floor entrance porches are accessed up high steps. The architectural vocabulary employs the same components as found in Camden Terrace. The houses similarly reject the urbane Italianate detail in favour of plainer, grey brickwork with arched windows and projecting eaves, and recesses and projections in the front facades. The regularity of the architectural style and roofline is generally a unifying element.


When laid out in the 1840s these roads were intended as part of the grand plan of the new Camden Estate. They were to form the north-east portion of the square, with an open space· resembling the gardens to the south-west. The centrepiece of the composition would have been St Paul's Church. Both sides were to be served by mews at the rear. However, by 1868, Camden Terrace had been built on the open space, forming the north-east enclosure to Camden Square. In addition, substantial semi-detached villas had been constructed at right-angles lining the streets which by the 1870s were known as 'North Villas' and 'South Villas'. These houses benefited from views ofthe church and square. Development towards Camden Park Road occurred slightly later (with a portion of South Villas not finished until the late 1870s).

Notable Past Residents

  • Olaus Henrici Mathematician (born 1840 in Germany, died 1918 in Hampshire) Lived in 21 South Villas around 1880.

External Links

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  • LB of Camden; Camden Square Conservation Area Statement, 2001