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Rochester Square, of secondary importance to Camden Square in terms of scale and townscape treatment,·is located at the extreme south-west corner of the Camden Square Conservation Area, immediately south-east of Camden Road. It is connected to Camden Square by Stratford Villas, and to Camden Road by two link Roads.


The square is named after the Bishop of Rochester, whose daughter married George Pratt, 2nd Marquess Camden.

It is the oldest part of the Conservation Area, being developed first as part of the expansion of Camden Town up Camden Road. By 1834 the Rochester Square street pattern had been laid out, its central space occupied by Montgomery's Nursery (the nursery garden pre-dates the estate layout). Glasshouses have stood on the site since the late 19th century, and by 1913 a business trading as 'Rochester Nurseries' was operating in the square. Known today as 'Rochester Square Nursery', the most recent business was run by Strouds of London, which had rebuilt the glasshouses and low brick outbuildings in recent years.

Notable Past Residents

  • Graham Coxon, former Blur guitarist, lived in Rochester Square.

External Links

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  • LB of Camden; Camden Square Conservation Area Statement, 2001